Issue 13
Poetry, flash fiction, and any other writ
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People are easily impressed
As long as your writing shows pride is an online literary magazine that publishes half an hour of lit reading material every two weeks. This issue features mysterious cylinders, an eighth of oregano, and the menace of the world, ready to reach through and grab us. It also features a meaningless universe full of hollow victories and a terrible skill called GETTING OUT OF THE CAR. It will take 26 minutes and 7 seconds to read in its entirety, which is long enough after a date to send that first text, right?

Kat Giordano is a nasty ass-woman.

I'm glad to announce that finally has a real editor now. Let's give a warm welcome to Kat Giordano, a poet from Pennsylvania whose work has appeared in the Menacing Hedge, Up The Staircase Quarterly, and The Cincinnati Review. She's also the poetry editor for the wonderful Lake Effect journal. She hates being called Lit.kat and therefore you should call her that too. issues