Issue 14
Poetry, flash fiction, and any other writ
The will be your guide
There is a dumb secret about language
It's mostly that it's just wide

The is an online literary magazine that publishes half an hour of 🔥 reading material every two weeks. This issue features all of the random things that happen to dogs, a video called "A Homeless Woman's Puppet Marxist Critique", and a lonely old man. It also features a cabinet bound to collapse, a debate between love and hate, and the sickest Toyota you've ever seen. It will take 24 minutes and 29 seconds to read in its entirety, which is how long it took us to write out the description to this issue.

We're now featuring an insane project by Cyrus Lopez around the website, and we need your help! In between stories you'll find a (most likely) unintentional haiku extracted from a reddit comment. Some of them are going to be bad. You can ignore those. But if they are meaningful, please click on the upvote link and help vote for them! There's around 350,000 of them. Help sift the good ones to the top! issues