Issue 16
Poetry, flash fiction, and any other writ
The will be your guide
The more hoops you jump, the more clever
Trap yourself onto a side is an online literary magazine that publishes half an hour of ­čöą reading material every two weeks. Issue 16 features Joey's Sandwich Shop, free chovies, the last piece of bacon and a cookbook of everything Brad Pitt has eaten in a movie. It also features "Shit - I mean shoot" and your sexist friends. It will take around 30 minutes to read in its entirety, which is how long it will take for your one pan chicken fajitas to finish baking in the oven (it's healthier than frying it in the pan).

--- started when I looked through the bookmarks I'd collected over the years and realized that I've always had a thing for reading neat things, whether they where greentexts from 4chan or blog posts that went viral on Metafilter or the only first and only thing a writer ever submitted to a literary journal.

Almost every single author I've contacted was excited for another 15 seconds of fame, and I'm glad that I've been able to create a journal that achieves a balance between fresh new writing and treasures of an older internet.

Today's internet users read an average of 50,000 words a day - a whole novel's worth of writing - browsing on the internet. Surely you've read something memorable in your time online. I'd like to extend an invitation to you to find a piece of writing that you believe deserves to have more time in the spotlight.

The Most Lit On The Web contest is still accepting entries through March 31st. Entrants who nominate the best pieces get a [yourname] URL that redirects wherever you want, and we'll have a special issue dedicated to our favorite entries. Click here to visit the suggestion page. issues