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Xim Xom

im 16 years old riding a razr scooter down the side of the highway

im 18 in a golden corral in wichita, kansas staring at the chocolate wonderfall

thinking about how much it sucks that everything i like is bad for me

im 21 and im typing "yeah i been hurt" into my tinder bio

im 22 and me and you just arent working out anymore

im 23 having an argument about someone in the comments section of a nature video about whether wolves really can be in love or not

im 25 and im telling everyone i meet that i meet that i have no regrets

im 27 and wondering why you would even say you had no regrets

why even say it at all

why not focus on something else

im 30 and instant steel cut oatmeal is on sale 2 for $5 at the grocery store

im 33 and you and me may not have been meant to be

but i learned a lot anyway even though im dumb as hell sometimes

im working on it

im 35 and i realize that i dont have all that much time left to be alive

im 39 and most of the time i feel fine

but other times i feel like i need something and just can't quite put my finger on it

im 41 and im just tired

im 46 and i find myself wishing things would go back to the way they used to be

when i had more energy and i felt genuinely surprised more often

even if it was bad a lot of times

im 14 and i just bought an eighth of oregano off my friends older brother

and im going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to smoke it out of a corn cob pipe by the creek until i figure it out

im 9 years old and i like baseball because my dad does

im 5 and i like dinosaurs because thats what i like

im 65 and i like dinosaurs again because thats what he likes

Quiz question:

What does the speaker argue about in the comments section of a nature video?

What it means to be alive

What it means to be alive

Whether wolves can be in love or not

Whether wolves can be in love or not

What a group of koala bears is called

What a group of koala bears is called

How long wolves actually live

How long wolves actually live

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Issue 13


September 22, 2017

Ages was written by Xim Xom.

i dont feel like fininishing this website right now and i am sorry

The last time I did,

I only got high enough

to get the munchies.

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Issue 13

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