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C’est le vie


Andrea Leydon

An affair of the heart, serendipitous to start,

Unwelcoming a googolplex of hardships that may tear us apart,

All we’ll need is each other, and a worn mattress to sleep,

Like the case of cumbersome circumstances that Benjamin Button wished not to keep,

Jack, save me from the sea, as your rose, I’ll wear the heart of the ocean,

I’ll never jump ship, but I’ll be your poison --  a sweet notion?

If you die, Romeo, I, Juliet, shall too,

You’ll be my dagger, star-cross’d love for you,

I’ll be your Hollywood prostitute, your pretty woman,

I’ll show you how true love can be found in sin,

Oh Beast, Beauty will ensure your last petal shall never fall,

I’ll break this spell – as no love in your heart will forestall,

And if you were a country boy, I’d never make you jump off a Ferris wheel,

Allowed to speak to me, our love will not be forbidden, the strength is real,

I would write to you every day for a year if I must,

365 days filling the notebook full of such romantic lust,

Lead your T-Birds, your leather clad gang,

This chick will be your Pink Lady; we’ll go out with a bang,

Driving greased lightnin’ along the coast,

Retrofitted with purple pitched tail lights and thirty inch fins.. at most,

In eternal sunshine, never wishful of erasing to a spotless mind,

Memories last forever, they certainly aren’t blind,

Realizations of desires to spend the rest of your life with someone,

Like when Harry met Sally and desired the rest of his life to start as soon as possible as one,

And when we grow old and the time comes one day,

I’ll leave a note thanking you for this “adventure” and encourage you to go up, up, and away,

You question why we love? Yet, this collision is accidentally designed so true,

Let’s enjoy this vintage kind of love because I’ll be seeing you.

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Issue 5


September 22, 2017

C’est le vie was written by Andrea Leydon. In Kindergarten, Andrea drew her self portrait upside down. At 25 years of age, she still thinks with the right side of her brain. From writing, drawing and occasionally building lamps, Andrea's creativity is never ending. Ask her about ice cream or backpacking South America.

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Issue 5

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