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Grandma Mamasu


Jerry Vilhotti


en year old Johnny could hear no sounds; nevertheless, he listened intently for "Mamasu" who was given that name by Johnny's father telling him it was a very affectionate word for Grandmother; never telling him it literally meant "her mother."   

He always wondered when he called her that why she would go into a rage charging at him with right left combinations attempting to take his head off?  Her moves would have had the "Raging Bull" - De Niro - envious but Johnny's sidestepping and ducking had the eighty-three year old lady reeling off into unbalanced misses but she would not quit having the rest of the summer to do her KO! 

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Issue 10


September 22, 2017

Grandma Mamasu was written by Jerry Vilhotti, who has had a large literary output published in literary magazines around the world and the author of Gods Depicting Pastime and Specs in the Eyes of Seeing. He is a graduate of the City College of New York, otherwise known as the "poor man's Harvard",

i dont feel like fininishing this website right now and i am sorry

ÔÇŹI always wondered

why she picked me and I tried

to make her happy.

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Issue 10

This writing was originally published in Opium Magazine, and is not listed in the archives.
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