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It Was The Sickest Toyota You Had Ever Seen


Cris Hinkley

You stared on with wonder as I got out of my car

I can only assume

It was the sickest Toyota you had ever seen


You said

We met in the parking lot of an


Up and coming

Shopping center

Nothing between us was particularly magnetic at the time

The construction was boring

And annoying us both

My apathy knows no bounds

But goddamn

These boots were made for walking

Was the kind of look you gave me

Just a few moments after I met you

I didn't even know your name yet

We started hiking a trail in the woods

We walked together for quite a while

Our opposing polarities began to

Define themselves

In more ways than one

I guess

You were an oddity

For sure

An unusual energy

A terrible haircut

You smelled weird too

You were a different species

To me

At least

All that being said

I am often likened to a stray dog

Thank you for taking me in

For as long as you did

I remember

As we marched forward

You told me time didn't matter

And as I solemnly agreed with you

I wondered if anything did

We were carefree children

Running through the cornfield maze

In early October

Killing a bottle of Tito’s with you

In his SUV

That screams

Single dad

Or soon to be

In the parking lot of a trampoline park

Before we go inside and

Do backflips

On New Years


I remember

We never looked back

Nor forward

I was happy to be there

It was fun

I walked back to my car

It was the sickest Toyota you had ever seen

Quiz question:

The speaker is oftened likened to...

A child

A child

A lone wolf

A lone wolf

A beat-up old car

A beat-up old car

A stray dog

A stray dog

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Issue 14


September 22, 2017

It Was The Sickest Toyota You Had Ever Seen was written by Cris Hinkley

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Issue 14

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