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Something of Another World


you and me

looking out across the galaxy

quadraphonic fallacy

something flows in all directions

yet I feel it's coming straight to me.

you and me

somewhere in a dark, dark void

right in arms reach

but the charm's been breached

now the sparkle's all gone

time to (we must) move on.


then me

discover a pithy destiny

and the little ship you took

moves past, out-pacing me

but never will it go


I’ll hear its long tone across the dark, dark galaxy

were you

then me

to ever meet again

and begin romancing

of a time so enchanting

of the night we looked out

and heard the strangest fantasies.

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Issue 5


September 22, 2017

Something of Another World was written by Z. S. Luettgen, who currently studies English and Computer Science in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's attempted fiction and poetry of various lengths, but we'll see what really becomes of it.

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Issue 5

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