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Untitled Poems 1 & 2


Mari Asai

i don't remember writing this, is it ok?

dust bunny beats

last months’ sheet

Sometimes you got to take cues from the girl on the screen:

The one you always wanted to be

does it take you back

list of tracks unretractable grace / pox / mallaise

I had so many questions you didn’t care to answer some you didn’t want to some you didn’t care

Why come home if you don’t care

If you don’t care, auture in a headset

Lizard belly log roll into my reset

I have been coming here too long to leave now

If I could only tell you how I don’t want a repair, repaint, rewear

I just found another sitting spot for now, a softspoken redoubt

i feel like you will just nonsense shame me

I hope I've never done that before

The lines right under grace / pox / malaise, is there a typo?

"I had so many questions you didn’t care to answer some you didn’t want to some you didn’t care" um, the weird kinda make believe repetition i think i had because i was gonna record it, but i typed it out and forgot about it

Ah. I just realized how it confused me, no its right

I am totally afraid to tell you why I like this

because you know the part of me that shouts? and you don't want me to hit you from 3k miles away

You've only shouted at me once, and you've hurt me from farther away

aw, thanks

here, you can have this one if you don't like that one. it's my favorite, and i sing it to my cats every day

Run run run

Run run run

Run as fast as you can run

Run as far as you can run

Never turn

Never stop

Run run run

run run run run

I'm just going to copy and paste this conversation

I am not going to put that onto the web on its own, it would get trampled

you irk me still

I try?

I'll just do the poem.

Not the song though. I skip over songs in books when the lyrics are written out

oh, it's terrible

skip it all

just skip the book

read the covers

smell the pages



oh it's terrible

skip it all

just skip the book

read the covers

smell the pages



and replete

reseat and remeet

suck on them teats

drop defeats like beats

i have to go to work

I have to get out of bed

also i don't really trust your judgement, but I will trust your decision here

tell me if it doesn't work, because i am the worst right now

the worst me there has ever been

i even needed that reminder to kick out of default

get out of bed

I'll see what I can do. Please hold out out there

it is okay if you are a terrible you, you are still a you

that matters

hold on to holding out

The best thing we can do is root for each other

but then who will pedal?

The bus driver

what about the leaves?

We can blow them away

Quiz question:

True or false: The poem sent in by the author purportedly named Mari Asai was very depressing.





This is a terrible question

This is a terrible question

And you know it

And you know it

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Issue 0


September 22, 2017

untitled poems 1 & 2 were written by mari asai. mari acts like they are five, has never forgone a conclusion, is so over threesomes, has two cats, and cared, once.

i dont feel like fininishing this website right now and i am sorry

Just purrs like crazy..

Probably thinks it's a massage

pillow for him. Yes.

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Issue 0

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