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We want your bookmarks, your go-tos, the things you stumbled upon years ago and still come back to. We want to celebrate the writing that took 15 hours to refine but got less than 15 likes on Facebook because most people spent less than 15 seconds reading it. Show us the coolest thing from your dark corner of the web, and we’ll thrust it into the light.

The information that you give us will be used to contact the author for permission to republish their work. We'll let you know if we're successful. Wish us luck.

Every suggestion received by 3/31 will also be entered in our first contest! See below for details.

Have a favorite online essay you keep coming back to? A blog post from 2007? An in-depth Reddit comment that was so good you actually bookmarked it? Or, of course, just an actual story or poem you found elsewhere on the web? Be creative, think outside of the box, and in the end you (and the author of the piece you nominate) will be rewarded for helping to expand ours.

We scour through your awesome suggestions and find one 🔥 winner and a few honorable mentions. Said authors (and publications, if applicable) are notified, permission to republish is (hopefully) granted, and the following prizes are awarded.

Grand prize: Site feature
Honorable mentions: Publication in a special contest issue

**Entrants whose nominees are selected will receive a [name] URL redirected to wherever they want.

Thank you! We'll do our best to get this on!
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